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CMDS 3701: AdTech Campaign Assignment Due: Week 4 – Friday, February 2, 11:59pm

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CMDS 3701: AdTech Campaign Assignment
Due: Week 4 – Friday, February 2, 11:59pm on eClass
In the first few weeks of our class, we will discuss the incredible importance of influence in promotional culture, and specifically in the development of a brand’s identity. However, influence is difficult to achieve in the attention economy, and perhaps even more difficult to measure. How do we know when a brand identity, or a promotional message, is influential?
Often, those working in advertising industries, and in strategic communications, try to maximize or optimize influence through various technologies. (We will discuss this at length in Week 3 of the class!) Since OpenAI released the chatbot, ChatGPT in late 2022, there has been great excitement about the role that large language models and generative artificial intelligence may play in transforming creative industries, such as advertising.
For your first assignment, we will test just how effective – and influential – chatbots such as ChatGPT are in crafting a brand identity for an imaginary product, service or organization that you will invent.

Note: To complete this assignment students will need to sign up for a free account with OpenAI. However, no student will be obligated to sign up for an account if they do not want to provide OpenAI with their data. In the event that they don’t want to they can opt out of this assignment and complete an alternate assignment.

The goal of this assignment is to explore the creative potential of ChatGPT in developing a compelling brand identity for a product, service or organization. You will engage with ChatGPT to generate brand-related content and then critically evaluate it within the context of our class’ themes: influence, brand identity, and the role of technology.

The Task:
Your task will be to use ChatGPT to create a brand identity and promotional messages for a product, service or organization of your choice, operating in any sector. You might choose a consumer good like blue jeans, a food item or a piece of technology; a luxury destination for a vacation; a political party; a university; a new television series, film, or album, etc. In each case, you will choose something fictional (i.e. imaginary). You may, of course, draw inspiration from real world products, companies, etc. But please invent a new, or original name for the focus of your brand.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Registration/Log-In to ChatGPT: If you do not already have one, create a free account with OpenAI so that you may access ChatGPT. Click here to log in or create an account. Note: Free accounts grant you access to ChatGPT 3.5. You do not need to pay for a premium account, which grants access to ChatGPT 4. Please do not spend money in order to complete this assignment! It is unnecessary.
Product/Service Identification: Decide on a product, service or organization that you will build a campaign. Be creative here! There is no “wrong” or “bad” idea.
Brand Identity Development: Once you have chosen the subject of your brand, you will write a detailed prompt (ie. a command to the chatbot) to generate the content of your brand identity. Consider how you craft the prompt. It should include as many specific details as possible about the brand. For example:
What does it look like?
What are key words to describe it?
Who is the target audience/core consumer group?
Any other suggestions?
Tip: If the first attempt at writing a successful prompt that produces useful content for you is unsatisfactory, try again with slightly different phrasings!
Create a brand identity for a mop, called a ‘Laywine mop.’ It should be beautifully designed and affordable. The brand should target consumers of eccentric professors who live all over Canada and who want to clean their floors efficiently.
Create a brand identity for Zork University. Zork is in the Greater Toronto Area and offers a diverse, cosmopolitan campus with exciting classes in arts, humanities, sciences and business. It is a competitive university that students from all over the world want to attend.
From here, you can experiment! In the same chat where you produce a brand identity, prompt the chatbot to generate specific examples of advertisements, branding or promotional messages. For example, you might write a prompt to:
“Write 5 promotional tweets for this product”
“Create a logo for this product. Describe it in detail.”
“Create a detailed description of this product to go on the website.”
“Write a short script for a 30 second television commercial that would air on ESPN”
“Write a short script for a 30 second ad that would play on a podcast”
“Write the script for [insert celebrity / influencer’s name here] to endorse this brand on their Instagram, TikTok or Twitter/X.”
Tip: Once again, try to be specific! You may write as many prompts as you like, but take
note of what works effectively and what does not.
Please then copy / paste three of these prompts into a document that you will submit. This should include the first prompt that generates your brand identity, and then two additional prompts that contain promotional messages. You will not be evaluated on the content that ChatGPT generates, but you will need to use these in order to complete the next step of the assignment, the Critical Assessment.
Critical Assessment of the Brand Identity: You will be evaluated on your answers to the following three questions that critically assess the content that ChatGPT generates, and its role in branding and within promotional culture. Please provide answers to the following questions:
Question 1: Describe your overall impressions of the brand identity that ChatGPT generated.
Did it respond to your prompts the way that you hoped for, or expected? What
worked well or didn’t work well when writing these prompts?
Question 2: Do you think that this brand identity, and the promotional messages that
accompanied it will be successful (i.e. influential for the audiences that consume them)? Explain your answer – i.e. Why would or wouldn’t this content prove influential? Would different audiences experience this content differently?
Question 3: If you had to make a prediction from this experience, do you think that chatbots
(or other generative AI technologies) will be successfully implemented into the
advertising industry, or other aspects of promotional culture? In other words – can they be made to “optimize influence”? Explain your answer.
Each answer should be between 200-300 words per question (i.e. approximately 1 page, double spaced with a standard 12 point font), and a maximum of 350 words. When answering, try to frame your perspectives with specific examples, and with clear, persuasive arguments to support your claims.
You are not required to conduct any additional research for this assignment, although strong answers may incorporate references to course readings or lectures from the class. Please reference consistently in either APA or MLA style, and include a references page at the end of your assignment.
Submission: When you are ready to submit, make sure that you include a) the three prompts, b) the three answers to your questions, and c) a references page . Please also attach a cover page that indicates the following items:
The name of your campaign
Your name
Your TA’s name
Course and section number (CMDS 3701, Section __)
Student #
The submission folder is on eClass. Please do not submit via email!
Grading Criteria:
Each question will be evaluated out of 5 marks.
Three questions x 5 marks = 15 marks total (15% of your final grade)
Your answers will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Depth and detail of your answers
Application of course concepts and themes
Clarity of your writing

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