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Topic: Final Paper’s Research Proposal My current major is associates of science

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Topic: Final Paper’s Research Proposal
My current major is associates of science in Business Administration. My desired future career is in healthcare administration. The reason why it appeals to me is because it allows me to help my community in an indirect way. My main argument centers around the critical importance of safeguarding patient privacy in healthcare administration. The thesis asserts that robust privacy measures are essential for maintaining trust, ensuring ethical healthcare practices, and upholding legal obligations. Protecting patient privacy is an ethical duty rooted in respecting autonomy, fostering trust, and maintaining confidentiality. Stringent adherence to privacy laws, such as HIPAA, is not only a legal obligation but also essential for preventing unauthorized access or disclosure. Patient trust hinges on the assurance that personal health information is handled confidentially, fostering open communication, and contributing to effective healthcare delivery. Data security measures should be vigorous, including encryption and access controls, are crucial to prevent unauthorized access or breaches of patient information. Respecting and protecting patient privacy is foundational to patient-centered care, enabling open communication, tailoring services to individual needs, and promoting a collaborative patient-provider relationship. This argument seeks to underscore the multifaceted significance of patient privacy in healthcare administration, emphasizing ethical, legal, trust-building, technological, and patient-centered dimensions.
The main argument presented in the provided text revolves around the evolving nature of health information privacy in the digital age and the challenges arising from the gap between technological advancements, consumer informatics tools, and outdated privacy regulations, particularly exemplified by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). In the text, it illuminates the significant changes in healthcare, such as the rise of digital health data and increased use of telehealth. This argument aligns with the importance of modernizing healthcare administration practices to address current challenges in patient privacy. Emphasizing the impact of technological advancements, increased data use, and the changing role of consumers in healthcare decision-making. Additionally, the lack of contemporary legislation as a key aspect contributing to the ethical considerations in patient privacy, further supporting data security measure and the importance of safeguarding patient information in healthcare administration.
Theodos, Kim, and Scott Sittig. “Health Information Privacy Laws in the Digital Age: HIPAA Doesn’t Apply.” Perspectives in Health Information Management, U.S. National Library of Medicine, 7 Dec. 2020,
Feedback from Professor on Topic Request:
You are on the right track with this prewrite. You demonstrated a strong understanding of the topic and the requirements of the prompt. You brought up some interesting ideas about your topic for constructing the supporting arguments of your essay.
Right now, you have somewhat of a “preaching to the choir” argument. Generally, everyone in your field would agree with you on this. Thus, you can go one step further and explain why this is still a problem if everyone in this profession agrees with this. Perhaps you could focus on controversial ways of handling this or competing ideas about best practices.
You did a nice job of finding a peer-reviewed academic journal article that is appropriate for your topic.
Final ENGL 103 Paper Prompt: Professional Ethics
For your final paper in this course, you will write a thesis-based argument on a topic of your own choice that reflects an ethical concern related to your major or future area of employment. As you continue to study in your major, you will see more and more how ethics play a part in your education. Nursing majors will need to confront concerns about the ethical methods of treating patients and handling their personal information. Business majors will need to study how to ethically manage a workplace and engage in morally sound business practices. Criminal Justice majors will need to study how to ethically enforce the spirit of the law without abusing civil rights. You may choose to write about any ethical issue that interests you as long as it is related to your field of study or future profession. Your paper must consist of the following:
1. Introductory Paragraph
The introduction to your paper sets the stage for your argument. It gives me a good idea of what you’re writing about, why the topic is important, and ultimately what you are arguing. It should supply any vital information I may need at the beginning so I can understand what you are arguing and why. All this information is needed to set up your thesis statement. Establishing your thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. The majority of your introduction should directly explain the reasoning behind your thesis statement.
A thesis statement is an original argument on the topic that you will defend in your subsequent paragraphs with evidence and reason. A good thesis statement should contain a claim and a reason. For example: “Physician assisted euthanasia should be legal in both active and passive forms because it is the duty of doctors to relieve suffering even if it means terminating a life.” This contains a claim and a reason for why this claim is valid. Then, you need to spend the rest of the paper proving your reason is rational and actionable.
Do not just list a bunch of loosely related pro or con arguments. A list thesis with just a list of points is not a strong thesis because it does not have a central principle behind it. In fact, a list thesis often contradicts itself because the reasoning behind one point may invalidate the reasoning behind another. Instead, focus on one reason and later supply evidence and details to support it. I am looking for depth, not breadth.
2. Supporting Paragraphs
The next part of the paper should consist of supporting paragraphs that each focus on one main idea that supports your thesis. These paragraphs should have evidence for why your arguments are valid. Use quotations from your sources to back up your own supporting arguments.
3. The Rebuttal Paragraph
The final supporting paragraph of your paper will be a rebuttal paragraph in which you acknowledge at least one common or popular criticism of your thesis and then explain why that criticism is flawed. Think about what the people who oppose your stance might say about your arguments. This is your chance to engage the opposition and explain why their stance is inferior to yours. Look at the articles in the book that take a different stance on your topic and anticipate how that author might argue against you. Acknowledge what they may argue and then pick apart their reasoning. It should be clear to me by the way you introduce and develop this paragraph that it is a rebuttal.
4. The Conclusion Paragraph
The concluding paragraph should wrap up your argument. Reiterate your main point and supporting details in a way that makes your argument memorable and convincing.
Citation Requirements:
Your paper must use and quote at least five outside sources. Two of these sources must come from articles in peer-reviewed, academic journals. In case you are confused about the term “academic journal”, here is a brief tutorial:
You can access academic journals through the College of the Canyons library website. There is a research guide available on the Canvas front page for our class.
The other three sources must come from credible outside sources. Credible sources will be limited to academic publications, books by reputable authors, and articles appearing in reputable periodicals (New York Times, National Geographic, Time Magazine, etc). Avoid reference websites (like, quote websites (like, homework help websites (like sparknotes), personal blogs, and one-sided political websites (sites that advocate only the pro or con of a specific political issue) If you need help determining the trustworthiness of a source, please consult our reference materials on research located on canvas.
Use quotes as proof of your argument. Cite their statistics, basic facts, and reasoning in order to make your argument. In text, parenthetical citations and a properly formatted works cited list at the end of the essay are mandatory. A source must be quoted in the body of your essay in order to be counted toward your five minimum sources.
All papers must be formatted according to MLA guidelines. This means 1-inch margins, double line spacing, and 12 inch times new roman font.

All papers must be at least 2,000 words long. This does not include your works cited sheet. Papers that do not reach the minimum can only earn a maximum score that corresponds with the percentage of the assignment you completed. For example, if you write 1,500 words, that is 75% of the assignment; therefore, 75% is the maximum score you can earn. Papers must be at least 50% of the minimum word length in order to earn credit. Papers below half in length will earn no credit.
All papers must be formatted according to MLA guidelines. This means 1-inch margins, double line spacing, and 12 inch times new roman font. This is standard for all papers you submit in college.
Required Elements:
Papers that do not include the following elements will not earn a grade higher than 75%: -Parenthetical, in text citations
-A works cited sheet
-Quotes from the following sources:
-At least two peer reviewed, scholarly sources (articles or books written by a scholar and published by an academic press)
-At least three other sources (they can be scholarly or from well-respected, popular sources)
1. Clarity of Writing
Grading Rubric and Expectations:
What I am looking for when I assign a grade
-Does the essay use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling? -Is the writing generally easy to follow on the sentence level? -Do the sentences logically and gracefully follow one another? -Does one idea transition logically to the next idea?
2. Argument
-Does the paper contain an original and compelling argument and thesis statement? -Does the paper have clear supporting arguments for the main argument?
-Do these supporting arguments make use of sufficient evidence to make their claims
For this essay: Does the paper use quotes as evidence effectively?
-Does the author use analysis to explain how their evidence supports their claims? -Does the author use an effective rebuttal paragraph?
3. Stylistics
-Does the author express unique perspectives and ideas?
-Does the author use persuasive language in order to convince me of their points?
4. Task
-Does the author fulfill the required elements of the essay specified in the prompt? -For this essay: Does the author quote enough sources?
-Does the author adhere to all of the formatting requirements and deadlines?

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