This assignment will require a significant amount of planning, contact with agen

This assignment will require a significant amount of planning, contact with agency employees or leadership and the ability to articulate community needs and how they influenced the development of the agency or program. Some information may be unavailable, tell me as best you are able. You may find some information on the website for the agency/program. Verification of your interview must be turned in with the assignment in order for it to be graded and must include the name, email and telephone number of the person with whom you interviewed. Verification can be a copy of an email with the person you interviewed or a signed letter. Please attach this proof to the end of the assignment or send it via email.

Answer the questions below individually using bullets (A. B. C. etc.). There are 30 points possible for these questions:
What is the agency’s mission statement? (usually in their brochure or on their website)
What historical events or community issues led to the development of the agency/program?
What are the major problems of the clients they serve? What services does the agency provide?
How are the client needs determined?
What percentage of clients are people of color, women, LGBTQ, elderly, or members of other at-risk populations? (a staff members impressions are okay if it’s not documented)
What are the agency’s funding sources?
Who provides legal oversight for the administration of the agency? Typically this is a board of members. If yes, what are the backgrounds of the board members?
What is the public image of the agency in the community? (ask clients, search news stories online, social media, etc.)
Does the agency have a process for evaluating the outcomes of its services? What data is collected and how is it shared

Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for your help in writing

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for your help in writing a response to the following question. This question is from Physician Assistant schools admissions and they are looking for a thorough and well written answer.
Thank you.
Describe your past, current, or plans for future service/intentions for service to underserved communities, individuals, and/or causes with examples of how these intentions relate to your career as a future Physician Assistant.
Please use the mentioned points in the explanation.  In the past I was a volunteer in a local hospital and worked with older individuals in the cardiac telemetry unit. I helped patients in feeding and just talking to them who had no visitors. I really want to serve underserved communities. Upon graduation I will be ready to provide service to underserved communities and individuals by first identifying the areas of need. I will be working with them and I will pay close attention in education and preventative healthcare measures among underserved communities. As a Physician Assistant my goal is to expand healthcare access and make sure every aspect of individual health is addressed. As Physician Assistant I want to expand healthcare access in underserved communities and to underserved individuals through (please explain How?). 

Week 1 Discussion: Designing an Organization for Innovation After reviewing the

Week 1 Discussion: Designing an Organization for Innovation
After reviewing the Week 1 readings and conducting your own research, respond to the following:
Describe the impact of organizational structures and design on building an innovation strategy.
Explain why the design of the organizational work systems is critical to facilitating innovation.
Explain why the design of the organization is important for participating in open innovation.
Response Guidelines
Your responses to other learners are expected to also be substantive in nature and reference the assigned readings, as well as other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature, to support your views and writings. In your response, do at least one of the following:
Ask a probing question.
Offer a suggestion.
Elaborate on a particular point.
Provide an alternative opinion.
Please respond to at least two other learners.

After reading and reflecting upon the article, “Prison Architecture and Inmate M

After reading and reflecting upon the article, “Prison Architecture and Inmate Misconduct,” which perspective do you believe provides the best explanation of inmate misconduct: the deprivation perspective, the importation perspective, or the situational perspective? Be sure to explain why and fully elaborate. And, based upon what you have read so far in this class, which type of prison architecture do you believe would be the best in deterring staff-inmate inappropriate relationships? Elaborate. Next, as you may know, very few states offer conjugal visits between inmates and their intimate partners. Based upon the readings for Week Five, do you feel as though Texas prisons should offer conjugal visits? Why or why not? Elaborate. Do you believe Texas prison wardens would support conjugal visits? Explain your answer. Next, in their article, Pleggenkuhle and colleagues (2018) allude to the fact that more than 1/3 of the respondents in their sample had not received a visit during their incarceration. Assuming that visitation has positive benefits for the offender, please provide at least one original suggestion as to how inmates who do not receive visits can still experience some of the positive benefits of visitation? In other words, what, if anything, can be done to help inmates who have very limited close contacts outside the prison walls? Your suggestion should be creative, yet also realistic. Next, in her article, Lynne Haney focuses primarily on incarcerated fathers but has very little to say about incarcerated mothers. In your opinion, if an incarcerated mother is pregnant and has a child, should the newborn child be permitted to live with the mother for any given length of time — even if it is in a prison or prison hospital? Fully elaborate. And, after reflecting upon Haney’s article, please point to one example from the paper which illustrates how recently released inmates may be so tangled up in the child support system that they turn to crime. Be specific. Finally, Haney discusses how former inmates who are entangled in the child support system are often “at the bottom of the dating pool” because of all the issues and complications they must contend with (p. 36). If it is, indeed, true that a reliable female companion can exponentially help a formerly released inmate meet his child support obligations, what can social services agencies, criminal justice agencies, or society as a whole do to help male ex-convicts (especially those with child support obligations) be seen as more viable partners? Be creative, yet realistic.

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  How Safe Are AGV Helmets? Let’s assume you are new in the cycling industry an

How Safe Are AGV Helmets?
Let’s assume you are new in the cycling industry and looking for a reliable helmet. When you perform a quick research about the top rated modular motorcycle review guide on Helmet Gurus, several brands come to your view.
Among them is AGV. And since helmets cost a significant amount, you don’t want to invest your money blindly. And so, you question, are AGV helmets safe? Are they worth their expensive price?
Stick to the end as we comb through the safety of AGV helmets.
For useful information:Best modular motorcycle helmet helmetgurus
Background of AGV Helmets
AGV helmet company was established in 1947 by Gino Amisano, a famous motorcycle rider. The initials AGV stands for Gino Amisano Valenza. That is the founder’s name and the location of the company. The Italian based brand manufactures a wide range of helmets such as full face, modular, touring, jet helmets and open face types.
Further its helmets feature a wide range of shell materials such as thermoplastics, Aramid, fiberglass and carbon fiber. That’s because it makes hoods for a wide range of customers. In 2007, AGV became a subsidiary of Dainese. Currently the company is co-owned by Carlyle Group (80%) and Dainese (20%).
At first AGV was making leather seats, saddles for motorcycles. It later added leather helmets to its range of products before settling for fiberglass helmets by 1954. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when AGV launched its first ever fully carbon modular helmet.
What Makes a Helmet Safe?
In addition to fitting snugly, a safe helmet must use high quality material that won’t disappoint in accidents. Besides, it must guarantee comfort and be highly adjustable by the rider. Take it from Helmet Gurus that a helmet that has no certification mark from DOT, ECE, SNELL, FIM or a reputable organization is unsafe.
Is AGV a Good Helmet Brand?
One sign of a good motorcycle helmet is having certification from reputable bodies. And AGV has certainly achieved that by having all their helmets having DOT certification. A considerable number of the helmets further bear ECE 22.05 safety rating.
Apart from the certification, the company has also established a reputation among top motorsport riders in MotoGP and Formula 1. In those sports, the brand has been sponsoring many champions like Kenny Roberts, Valentino Rossi and Niki Lauda.
The brand is obsessed with protection, comfort and performance of its helmets. For that reason, all of its lids must conform to extreme safety protocol.
Such safety entails:
· Smaller visor mechanism that widens view angle
· Unique profile that boosts safety of collarbone
· AGV visor that are 4 times thicker than its competitors
· Safety visor locking mechanism that prevents accidental coming off
· Better vertical vision with minimal reflection or image distortion
· Latest anti fog system featuring Max Vision Pinlock 120
For more information: Finding the best modular motorcycle helmet at
Why is the AGV Helmet so Expensive?
AGV prioritizes safety and comfort in their helmets. That calls for investing in state-of-the-art technologies, testing in their wind tunnel and real-life test in motorsport races. Furthermore, attaining certification standards also attract high costs.
For instance, some of its helmet’s use of carbon fiber, titanium fasteners and metal alloys vents. Still others employ water repellent outer fabrics.
But above all, your safety depends on other factors too apart from the helmet quality. How you wear it, riding style and road condition also matters. Choosing a safe modular motorcycle helmet on helmetgurus is only the initial step.

   Each student will be required to read and write a synopsis of professional (

Each student will be required to read and write a synopsis of professional (peer reviewed) articles this session from a Nursing Journal.  
At least 4 Nursing Journal Articles—3 pages written synopsis
Articles should be current (within 5 years). 
One page articles (such as editorials) are not appropriate for this assignment.  
The topic is: Technology (student choice)

Instructions: Posts: Create a thread and answer ONLY ONE of the following questi

Posts: Create a thread and answer ONLY ONE of the following questions in your post. Copy the short title phrase you are answering (e.g., Adult Learners at Work) and paste it at the top of your post in bold (use the formatting options at the top of your composition box). Your own post should be at least 250 words (greetings, salutations and citations do not count). It is best to consider your first sentence e.g., “Hello, Jane, I enjoyed your post” as your greeting and your last sentence e.g., “Good Work”, as your salutation. Integrate your views with those of the textbook and the optional articles; use APA-style citations.
Replies: Seek to extend the Discussion by asking good questions or sharing an illustration that furthers (or contradicts) another student’s point. Two replies are required (each including at least 100 words excluding greetings, salutations and citations; reply to students who posted on topics different from yours.
Higher-Order Cognitive Functions in Adulthood
1. Executive Functioning and Term Limits. What is executive functioning and how does it fare in adulthood?
Given its importance in complex decision-making and problem-solving, do you think there should be “term limits” for individuals in key decision-making roles such as political, religious, or business leaders?
Should there be mandatory intelligence testing of these individuals every few years as a condition of staying in the role? Why or why not? Using the key concepts from this chapter, explain your view.
2. Adult Learners at Work. Imagine that you are designing a program for adults over 40 for learning about a new system or process at your current or future place of employment.
Based on the research about how adults learn best, describe three specific instructional practices that you would build into your training program.
Provide enough detail and context so that other readers can envision what you will do, and why.
Personality in Adulthood
3. You Choose!
Identify a question that occurred to you while you were completing Chapter 8 readings. Write your Discussion Question in italics, then answer it.
Discussion Scoring Guide – Rubric
Resources: Articles
APA 7th Edition ResourcesLinks to an external site.

For this milestone, submit your organ system interrelationship and disease asses

For this milestone, submit your organ system interrelationship and disease assessment in a bulleted list. Describe in this list the homeostatic interrelationship between the primary organ system you selected for Milestone One and any other organ system. Describe one disease or medical illness that affects the primary organ system you are reviewing, and describe the implications of the disease on the individual suffering from it and society.

Each critique will contain: – A short summary of the article consisting of one o

Each critique will contain:
– A short summary of the article consisting of one or two paragraphs. (10 points)
– One full paragraph of new information learned from reading the article. (10 points)
– One full paragraph consisting of your opinion of how the author presented the information. (10 points)
– Questions that you had after reading the article
Questions that may be addressed can include:
– Who is the intended audience?
– How well is the article suited to the audience?
– What are the strong and weak points of how the author presented the topic?
– Does the author appear to have a bias? If so, explain.
– Does the article make a contribution to the field? If so explain.
– Would you change the article in any way? If so, explain how.
Additional important information:
– The article must accompany your critique
You must include the complete and correct bibliographic citation for the article